The board of directors is the governing body of the EUPMUA. The board oversees every aspect of the association, always acting in the best interest of the permanent makeup community. One of the leading roles of the EUPMUA Board of Directors is to create and maintain the mission and vision of the organization including long-term planning, financial oversight, determining and monitoring programs, services, and staff and advocating for the EUPMUA. EUPMUA board directors are all volunteers.

Professional Experience

To be eligible for EUPMUA board of directors, an applicant must have received approved credits for his significant contribution and work to industry and performed the job functions under those credits, within the last seven years for feature games and succeeded in mass contribution and succeeded in peak performance and top rates for the developed games. All board members nominees for global industry awards who apply within two (2) years of their nomination are automatically qualified for membership.


Professional experience and qualifications must be verified by two referring EUPMUA member (acting as a supporter) and two (2) additional industry references with direct knowledge of the applicant’s production experience.
A EUPMUA supporter must have direct knowledge of the applicant’s production experience and should either have a significant professional relationship or have worked with him/her in the past.
A EUPMUA member who has only briefly met or known the applicant in a social setting but is unable to comment first-hand on their professional work cannot serve as a EUPMUA supporter for the applicant. Though statements by the EUPMUA supporter carry significant weight, support by a EUPMUA member does not supersede other membership requirements and does not guarantee acceptance into the EUPMUA.
References must have direct knowledge of the applicant’s production experience and should have worked with or supervised the applicant in the past.
List individuals who can confirm your work on productions you’re asking us to consider.
It is advantageous and preferable for the applicant to list professional peers or supervisors who can verify credits for consideration and comment on the applicant’s performance. However, this doesn’t mean that references are limited to peers within the permanent makeup profession. Applicants can use other “high level” personnel from the industry to provide verification of work performed. Listing references that can comment on your experience and your development work significantly speed up the application process.
Ensure that your references are aware that you are selecting them as individuals who can verify their permanent make up experience. Individuals who are unaware that they are references, more often than not, do not reply to inquiries from our Membership Committee. No response can either delay the application process or merit a denial for membership.


In addition to providing credits for consideration on your application, you are required to submit a resume or biography. There is no specific format required, but your resume (or bio) should be more than a simple printout of your permanent makeup works. This is your opportunity to communicate any aspect that you feel the application leaves out and will assist the Membership Committee in arriving at a recommendation.